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"Designing for the future" – a series of debates at Wise Habit

At the beginning of 2024 we initiated a series of debates in Wise Habit titled Designing for the Future. This event series will explore possibilities of our future lives, work environments, interactions with the natural world, and technology. As we navigate a period marked by rapid change and pervasive crises, these discussions aim to harness creativity and imagination to envision a future beyond the constraints of current thinking and habits.

"Designing for the future" – a series of debates at Wise Habit

Exploring the unknown

The future is an uncharted territory filled with uncertainties. To navigate this landscape, we have assembled a diverse panel of experts, including designers, artists, futurologists, and storytellers. These thought leaders will engage in stimulating debates, offering their unique perspectives on what the future might hold. Their expertise and creativity will help us identify and address the key questions that can shape our vision of a better tomorrow.

Why now?

Our world is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Technological advancements, environmental challenges, and socio-economic shifts creates an omnipresent sense of crisis. Amidst this upheaval, there is a pressing need to rethink our approach to the the surrounding world, the way we live, and how we perceive time. The "Designing for the Future" series aims to provide a platform for this crucial re-evaluation, fostering a space where innovative ideas and imaginative solutions can flourish in long-term.

The potential of design and art in imagining futures

Creativity and imagination are vital tools for transcending the limitations of traditional, short-term thinking. By inviting designers, who bring a practical yet visionary approach to problem-solving, artists, who often are the pionieers and initiators of new ways of thinking about the world, futurologists, who specialize in forecasting possible futures, and experts in particular subjects, we aim to spark new ways of thinking about the future. Storytellers will add a narrative dimension, helping to frame these ideas in ways that are accessible and compelling.

What to expect

Each debate in the series will begin by identifying the fundamental questions that must be addressed to imagine the future in a new light. Topics will range from technological advancements and their impact on work and daily life to sustainable living practices and the role of creativity in shaping our environments. The discussions will be speculative and grounded, providing a balanced view of potential futures.

Join the conversation

Whether you are a professional looking to stay ahead of industry trends, a student eager to learn about future possibilities, or simply a curious mind, "Designing for the Future" offers valuable insights and inspiration. This series is not just about passive listening; it is an invitation to engage, question, and contribute to the conversation about our collective future. Stay tuned for more details on each specific debates, topics, and guest. By staying informed about what is ahead, individuals can better position themselves to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Adaptability, continuous learnin, and a forward-thinking mindset will be key to navigating the challenges and opportunities.

Prepare to dive deep into the future with us. Mark your calendars, gather your questions and get ready to join us at Wise Habit. Let us shape the future together.