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Text Block is a celebration of the timeless concept that design principles can last for centuries. It exemplifies beauty and simplicity, where form and function blend harmoniously to reveal a single truth.



The project is both a summary of a small and personal debate about design and functionality. It is an interpretation of the famous discussion on the design of a basic repetitive unit - whether it is modular, expandable, collapsible, stackable, parametric, configurable or living.

Text block is a library built from cubes, with the cube being the basic component of the mathematical structure of replication and multiplication. The front view of the library reveals the graphical code with which to “write” the library. For this purpose, the designer has created a unique font that allows the creation of a kind of three-dimensional language.

The product's adaptability, ease of use and ability to maximize the use of space mark a new era in interior organization. It's not just a collection of blocks - it's a foundation for creativity, allowing users to express their language through personalized patterns and even language.


The design makes it possible to quickly reorganize a space without complicated assembly. The cubic form itself and its infinite rearrangement allow the user to create personalized patterns that create an individual language.

It takes only a moment to redesign the modules in the space - assembly is fun and simple like blocks, which are then connected by lightweight steel shelves and metal clips. It's a project that combines design and art on one hand, allowing for artistic installations and forms, like a creative piece of everyday furniture.

T-E-X-T B-L-O-C-K cubbies are made in two variants: heat-treated wood or lightweight steel.

Who stands behind it?

Pini Leibovich - Israeli designer, Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, owner of a design studio that functions as a research laboratory for conceptual designs, to everyday products and furniture. The studio has won several international and local awards, including the Crate and Barrel Award and the Ministry of Education Award. Works have been exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (in its permanent collection), the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Holon Design Museum and many others. Pini Leibovitz is the art director at Wise Habit.