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Wise Kitchen has won the IF Design Award 2024 in the Product Design category

Wise Kitchen, designed by Karolina Ferenc, Head of Research at Wise Habit, and Ryszard Rychlicki architect and designer, was awarded by a jury of 132 independent experts from around the world. Competition was fierce: nearly 11,000 entries from 72 countries were submitted in hopes of receiving the seal of approval. The collection was recognized for its innovation, use of planet-friendly materials, multiple design options, mobility and flat packaging. The IF Design Award is one of the most important design competitions in the world.

Wise Kitchen has won the IF Design Award 2024 in the Product Design category

What is the innovation of Wise Kitchen?

"Wise Kitchen is a new approach to kitchen design. From today, the kitchen doesn't have to be an inviolable part of the home's interior. Thanks to freestanding, mobile modules, it can be rearranged at will, and can even follow the owner to new premises or into new hands. This approach, combined with high-quality materials and the ability to make repairs, extends the life of kitchen modules and expands interior design possibilities."
~ Karolina Ferenc, Head of Research at Wise Habit and author of the WH Kitchen project

In the spirit of "rethink | reduce | recycle," Wise Kitchen embodies sustainability, encouraging people to rethink kitchen functionality, reduce waste and use recycled materials for a more environmentally conscious future. Wise Kitchen is a flat-pack solution made from environmentally friendly Valchromat® that redefines kitchen design, embracing modularity and mobility to optimize space. It allows users to customize and effectively manage space, from offices to homes to events. The flexible, user-centered approach goes beyond conventional kitchen concepts, offering freedom without sacrificing mobility or style.

The story of the design process - from idea to implementation

In a bustling urban neighborhood where space is at a premium and lifestyles vary greatly, our design team came together with a mission: to revolutionize the kitchen experience. Understanding that a modern kitchen is not just a place to cook - it's a multifunctional space that must adapt to different needs.

Drawing inspiration from real-life scenarios and user stories, the team set out to create Wise Kitchen, a modular kitchen system that would seamlessly integrate into any living space while meeting the unique requirements of different users.

The team began by addressing the need for increased mobility. It focused on creating lightweight but durable modules that can be easily assembled, disassembled and transported, making them ideal for people who move frequently.

Another requirement for cabinet doors that could hide kitchen clutter during professional gatherings gave birth to the idea of customizable panels that could match different interior styles. This not only provided an elegant look, but also allowed users to personalize the kitchen according to their tastes.

Another aspect the team prioritized was easy maintenance and safety. Smooth, wipeable surfaces and child-proofing were incorporated into the design so that even young children could safely explore cooking under supervision.

Needing to create a versatile, attractive design, the team opted for a minimalist aesthetic with a limited color palette and clean lines. This ensured that the Wise Kitchen blended seamlessly into any interior design, whether it be a modern apartment or a cozy home.

The desire for personalization led to the development of a modular storage system that can be adapted to different kitchen layouts and accommodate a variety of kitchen gadgets. This has not only maximized storage space, but also eliminated countertop clutter.

Another thing is the commitment to sustainability. This inspired the team to prioritize eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Recyclable materials were sourced and the modules were designed to be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of their life cycle, in line with the values of mindfulness and environmental responsibility.

Through collaboration, innovation and a deep understanding of user needs, Wise Kitchen has become a comprehensive, sustainable and user-centric solution that has transformed the kitchen experience for people from all walks of life.

Wise Habit Kitchen is available at the Wise Habit showroom and online store.